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About James Crowe

Hello, and thank you for visiting CroweFoto.  I am an Irish born landscape photographer living and working on the American Pacific Coast. Born and raised in Ireland, I left my native Dublin in 1998 to pursue a life in the film and television business.  Despite a 20 year award winning career as a television editor, photography has remained my true passion.

I have a love of both science and art, and for me, photography lives squarely at the intersection of creativity and technology.  I try to use cameras to see the world in ways it cannot be seen by the naked eye.


I am drawn to the wild and dramatic landscapes of the American West.  The goal of these images is to immerse viewers in the beautiful environments I have had the good fortune to visit.  This collection is an attempt to capture a little of that awe and wanderlust, to save it for revisiting in an idle moment.

Salton Sea Tracks.jpg
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